Safeguard Your Exotic Car Transaction
Avoiding the Latest Scams


At We Buy Exotics, our commitment extends beyond purchasing exotic cars; it encompasses safeguarding our community from evolving scams.


Private car sales, particularly exotic and highline vehicles, are fraught with sophisticated schemes designed to deceive even the savviest of buyers. Here are the three latest scams plaguing the market:

Clean Cars, Clean Titles, Dirty Deals

Picture this: You’ve found your dream car—a pristine beauty with a squeaky-clean title. Months later, reality hits hard as you discover a hidden loan lingering from a previous owner. How did this happen? The title you received was a counterfeit, meticulously crafted to deceive you and the DMV. Sometimes, even the seller is complicit, colluding with prior owners to wash titles through obscure channels. The lesson is to trust but verify. Always procure from reputable sources like We Buy Exotics.

Identity Theft on Wheels

You’ve listed your Lamborghini online, only to fall victim to a buyer posing as an eager enthusiast. They request additional information—photos, a copy of the title—seemingly innocent requests that lead to a nightmare. Your details are now in the hands of a fraudster who sells your car to an unsuspecting buyer, using your identity as collateral. Beware of private sales pitfalls; protect your information like you would the keys to your prized possession. For a secure and hassle-free transaction, contact We Buy Exotics today.

The Impersonation Game

Imagine someone offering to buy your Ferrari at your asking price—a deal too good to be true. They claim association with prestigious firms or services, coaxing you into divulging sensitive information. Little do you know; they’re assuming your identity in a meticulously planned con. They mimic legitimate buyers, even going as far as placing deposits and arranging inspections, all while orchestrating a parallel transaction behind your back. Don’t fall prey to their facade; always verify the legitimacy of potential buyers.


In light of these threats, We Buy Exotics stands as a beacon of integrity and security in the exotic car market.

Our stringent protocols and transparent processes ensure peace of mind for both buyers and sellers. When engaging in transactions, exercise caution, and diligence.

Research your counterparts, scrutinize their credentials, and insist on secure payment methods like wire transfers.

Remember, in the intricate dance of buying and selling exotic cars, trust is earned, not assumed. Choose We Buy Exotics for a seamless, secure, and satisfying experience.

Ready to navigate the exotic car market with confidence? Contact us today and discover a world of trust and reliability.