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If you’re ready to offload your McLaren, you’ve probably already realized how difficult it can be to sell a luxury car of this caliber. Getting the most out of your investment and saving time are paramount concerns, so why frustrate yourself trying to sell your car on your own to a private buyer or dealer?

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Selling a McLaren isn’t like selling a normal used car.

If you’ve tried to sell your McLaren yourself but haven’t had much luck, this might be why:

Selling to a dealer is a sure way to lowball yourself.

Do you really want to drive around to dealer after dealer only to waste your time with lowball offers? Most dealers don’t care about offering you top dollar for your sports car—they just want to sell you another car.

Try giving a dealer a call now and see what they are willing to offer you in cash today.

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Selling your car online can be a huge waste of time.

You’ll spend hours posting pictures and writing the perfect description of your car (and paying for listings on each site) only to get emails and calls from tire kickers who just want to take a look at a high-end exotic. Most people never intend to buy your vehicle—which wastes your time and your money.

That’s not even touching the safety issue.

When you’re dealing with a high-dollar vehicle, meeting a shady stranger could end badly. Why not get a legit offer from the comfort (and safety) of your own home from We Buy Exotics?

And what about financing?

While an owner-to-owner sale sounds great, think about what you’ll do if your buyer ends up not having the funds to make the deal. Don’t wait around for banks to approve loans and don’t spend your time haggling with a buyer you can’t trust.

When we give you an offer on your car, we won’t try to bargain you down. The offer you receive is the offer you get.

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We have decades of industry experience buying, repairing, owning, and selling high-end luxury cars, plus plenty of happy customers to boot.


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Even better, we’ll do all the work for you. Just enter your vehicle information and wait to receive a legitimate, no-obligation offer. If you decide to sell to us, we’ll send a contract and a representative to pick up your car—that’s right, we’ll come to you.

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When you’re ready to sell your luxury car, time is of the essence. You know as well as we do how depreciation works on cars of this caliber: Every day you wait, your car could be losing value. Move fast and get the offer you deserve.

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McLaren is one of the newer luxury car brands on the market—it was only founded in 1985! But what they lack in longevity, they make up for in quality and variety.

Before the current company was founded, Bruce McLaren—for whom the company is named—started developing race cars. These cars won over 40 times in the years before McLaren’s death in 1970. Fifteen years later, the McLaren company was ready to continue its legacy of racing success.

Now, McLaren is more focused on road cars, with a handful of recognizable models, including the 570S, the 720S, the Senna, the Speedtail, and the GT. If you own one of these cars, you know what a treat it is to drive a McLaren.

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