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Why Use We Buy Exotics?

Our team at We Buy Exotics are industry experts. We focus on reselling vehicles over $100,000.  We have all worked for the biggest franchise car dealerships in the industry at the Ultra-Highline Level with roughly 20 plus years of experience each. We are experts in being able to evaluate car prices with extreme accuracy.

EVERYONE knows how to buy their next car. However almost nobody knows how to sell their car, especially a Luxury or Exotic Car!

The typical paths are either selling to a private party or going to the dealer. These both can be great options if you have TIME to WASTE on individuals that want to come look at the car and test drive and give you lowball offers, and if there is a payoff or the new buyer needs a loan, that is a WHOLE other story. For more information read through our Complete How-To Sell Your Exotic Car Guide.

If you go to the dealer to sell your vehicle outright, they will typically give you a lowball offer and their main goal is to sell you another car. And if you are trading your vehicle with a dealer, why not keep them honest and know you’re getting as much $$$ as you can for your trade? Submit your car’s information now and see if we can give you a better offer!

In today’s world, nobody will buy a car without running a Carfax, so why would anyone not make sure they’re receiving the highest offer they can for the trade?

The highline car market is a lot like the stock market, constant swings in prices based off supply & demand are changing every day. For the most part, if you’re looking to buy a car now, every day you can wait the better as typically the car will get cheaper. However, when selling, the same holds true, every day you wait to sell your car typically the value will continue to depreciate and the more you can lose.

We encourage every one of our clients who are seriously ready to sell their car to call 5 other car dealers and see what they’ll “write a check” for their vehicle TODAY and then contact us as we feel confident we can offer more. It’s an extremely SIMPLE transaction, you sell your car and we buy it, typically within less than 24 hours. We even buy leased cars. This will be the EASIEST CAR DEAL you’re ever done!

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