3 Best Ways to Sell Your Luxury Car

Every vehicle enthusiast knows the value of an exotic car, but not everyone is willing to pay for what these special vehicles are worth. If you have a used exotic vehicle that you’re trying to offload, avoid the headache of trying to figure out how best to sell your luxury car to a pool of unreliable potential buyers.

Race ahead to learn more about the best ways to sell your exotic vehicle below.

Best Ways to Sell Your Used Car

There are plenty of ways to sell your luxury car, but the following tried-and-true methods are favored by many exotic vehicle enthusiasts.

3. Exotic Car Dealership Trade-In

It’s a simple process: trade in your old car for a new car, but at an exotic used car dealership rather than your standard car dealers. Many people have traditionally relied on brand-specific dealerships like Honda, Toyota, or Fiat. In recent years, though, more and more people are turning to country-wide dealerships that take any make and model, like Carmax, Carvana, and Cars.com.

Whichever type of dealer you use, you can be sure that you’re in good company: more than half of all car sales in the United States are through a dealership. Just make sure that whoever you choose has experience with luxury cars, as these special machines can be a bit trickier to sell than ordinary vehicles.

2. Private Sale

A little less than half of all car sales are to a private party, either to someone the seller personally knows or to a stranger through a third-party app like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, eBay Motors, or CarGurus. It’s easy to see why these car-selling sites are so popular, too: they’re incredibly convenient for car buyers.

Private sales come with their own potential risks for sellers, though, including:

  • Having to sift through a sea of potential buyers to find one that is seriously considering a purchase and not just pretending to be so as to take your luxury vehicle on a thrilling test drive.
  • Dealing with the fact that most of the burden of documentation falls on you, such as vehicle title transfers, bill of sales, vehicle history reports, and more.
  • Needing to research your vehicle’s worth to avoid scams and people who don’t want to give you the fair market value for your exotic car. Even some of the most reliable resources for determining a car’s value, like Autotrader, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book (KBB), can list different prices for the same make and model of vehicle, making the process of determining the best price for your special machine that much more difficult.


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