The Ins and Outs on How to Sell Your Ferrari

People of all ages dream of owning a Ferrari. At least until it’s time to slap all that cash on the table and shake hands. Chances are, most buyers capable of parting with that much money aren’t the most forgiving either.

Selling your Ferrari isn’t an easy feat. Sure, it’s much easier to reach buyers nationwide with online marketplaces and social media. However, finding the right person willing to compensate you fairly for your Ferrari can be more challenging than owning the supercar.

If you want to sell your Ferrari but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll show you how to sell your Ferrari to avoid the tire-kickers, the lowballers, and those die-hard enthusiasts who can’t help but live vicariously through you.

Are you ready to find out how to sell a Ferrari for the most money? Let’s get behind the wheel!

The Supercar Sales Curse

Ferraris are distinctly different from the modern vehicles you see on the road today. As much as that prestige and striking design add to the supercar status, the secondary market for Ferraris is a challenging game. It can be just as difficult, perhaps even harder, to sell a Ferrari than purchase one.

Automotive manufacturers produce several hundreds of thousands to millions of vehicles throughout their existence. Boutique manufacturers such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, however, may make only a few thousand models maximum. This inherent scarcity can drive up the market price, but there are many other factors influencing how much you can get for your Ferrari.

Finding and Satisfying a Unique Buyer

Many supercar owners, including those who drive Ferraris, face an almost monumental task of finding another buyer who shares the same taste in vehicles. That’s nearly where the similarities end. After all, you don’t purchase a Ferrari because of its safety or reliability.

You buy a Ferrari to own a supercar. For some owners, a Ferrari can be a lifetime achievement. They might say, “I will buy my Ferrari when I’ve earned over $1 million.”

Others might want to add a Ferrari to their collection. Qualifying for the open spot, however, can mean the car has to be even rarer than a Ferrari already is.

Avoiding the Public

Besides the astute collector, the successful businessman, and the eccentric individual who prides themself on diverging from the norm, so many other people take advantage of a Ferrari for sale. It’s one thing to approach Ferrari as a buyer, but an entirely different thing to approach someone you don’t know who has a Ferrari for sale.

Selling your Ferrari can open up you and your smartphone to a lot of time wasters. You might even regret posting, “I want to sell my Ferrari.”

Think of all the types of people who visit a car show, whether it’s exotic or not. They may mean no harm, but when time is money and you’ve got a Ferrari to sell, the gift of gab doesn’t even come close to finding you a potential buyer.

Don’t get us wrong, car shows are a great way to show off what you’ve got and meet other enthusiasts like yourself. A sunny Saturday drive in your supercar isn’t the same scenario as selling the Ferrari to pay for what’s next.

The truth of the matter is that most supercar owners are at a disadvantage when it comes to offloading their vehicles. This is especially true of Ferrari owners like yourself.

Ferrari and the Power of Pedigree

So why is it so hard to sell a Ferrari? What could possibly make such a coveted automobile so difficult to offload when it seems to have everything going for it?

The answer to these questions lies in much of the cultural value of a Ferrari. It’s the pedigree of the Ferrari name that gives this vehicle status. That same pedigree tends to force buyers to carefully consider even the finest of details before making an offer.

For example, the very color of your Ferrari could dictate in large part how well it sells. Red Ferraris are iconic for several reasons. The secondary market for such vehicles may or may not be comparable to those that are blue, white, gray, or black.

A potential buyer might appreciate the interior color scheme you chose when picking out your specific Ferrari model. They could also walk away from the deal because of the placement of a single stitch. When you’re spending that much money, it’s probably going to be on something you really want or enjoy.

The look of the Ferrari isn’t the whole story either. After all, it’s not just about how the vehicle looks; it’s about how it drives and how it’s been maintained. Here’s where you’ll meet most of your sticklers when it comes to selling your Ferrari.

Why are Ferrari Maintenance Records Such a Big Deal?

We’ve all heard of the odd and shockingly expensive products and services many celebrities treat themselves to as a way to keep up their appearance. It goes with the gig, you might say. That same mentality is what separates a “viable” Ferrari for sale from one that frequented the local mom-and-pop one too many times.

Training to be a Ferrari mechanic takes time and dedication. It’s those same standards that you not only appreciate as a buyer but also mean the world of difference to the next owner of your Ferrari.

If it hasn’t been taken care of by a certified Ferrari technician, who’s to say it’s really been taken care of at all?

Your Ferrari’s maintenance records are entered each time you visit a service center. They show up on the vehicle’s CarFax just like any other car on the market, albeit with drastically different ramifications.

Should an interested buyer see that you brought your Ferrari to someone other than a certified technician, they could walk away without a single look back. If the reported mileage is off through no fault of your own, that buyer won’t care.

At the end of the day, you can’t go back and change the CarFax or undo the “damage.” You’ll spook more potential buyers than you thought possible, even if the car is in proper working order.

How to Sell Your Ferrari

Selling your Ferrari could be one of the hardest things you’ve had to do. However, if you work with We Buy Exotics, the process couldn’t be simpler. Let’s take a look at the various ways you can go about selling your Ferrari to gain some perspective.

For Sale By Owner

Can you sell your Ferrari on your own? Most definitely. Will you hate the car and every interested buyer by the time you’re done? Probably.

Selling a Ferrari on your own is an uphill battle rarely worth the effort. Most sellers wear down with every dead-end interaction until it’s too late. Plus, it just adds so much unnecessary stress to your life, seemingly without end.

You might consider the lack of dealer fees and taxes to be a reason to sell your Ferrari on your own. As noble as that cause may be, it can often come with a steeper price than you ever intended to pay.

However, there is something to be said for trades in the automotive for-sale-by-owner market. If you’re looking for a way to kill two birds with one stone, trading your Ferrari could be a good way to get rid of your current supercar and get behind the wheel of another.

Evaluating any potential trade offers you get can bring with it a whole bucket full of complications. There’s a question of how much cash you’re wanting, how much the trade car is worth, and how much the potential buyer may want on his/her end. Put simply, it’s negotiation in its most basic form.

Dealer Inspections


One of the more common bargaining tools in automotive purchases is a dealer inspection. This “unbiased” third party offers to certify the vehicle in question is legitimate, albeit for a fee. Buyers argue that a few hundred bucks upfront could save them from several thousand should the deal turn sour.

Several hundred dollars is exactly what you’ll be paying for a Ferrari dealership inspection. You’ll also need to schedule in advance to ensure availability. Note that while you can easily share your report with your interested buyer, any official documentation requires a separate charge equal to what you paid for the report.

Ferrari dealers do this largely in part because they can. They know that a nod of approval from their department could mean more to a Ferrari owner than just peace of mind.


Hooking a potential buyer through for-sale-by-owner ads is not a pastime for the weak. Some people prefer to work with a dealership instead, where the money to purchase a Ferrari like yours is typically in abundance.

The key to working with dealerships is knowing exactly what you want and having the confidence to walk out when you don’t get it. You can argue all day with a salesman that your Ferrari is worth more than they offer you, but until you’ve got a genuine offer in hand, it’s all for nothing.

Visiting luxury dealerships can potentially get you ahead. Many of the customers who frequent these dealerships have money, that is, the same money to potentially pay for your Ferrari. Whether or not the dealership has a buyer on the hook for a Ferrari like yours is a question only they can answer.

It’s common for a lot of folks to avoid dealerships, however, for the load of fees and add-ons that turn an affordable car into one that’s already broken the budget. If you want to get more for your Ferrari, chances are you’re better off avoiding both dealerships and selling your Ferrari private party.

Online Automotive Retailers

Much of car buying has now become an online game, where online retailers work directly with customers to purchase and sell cars. If you’re a Ferrari owner, not having to visit a dealership or meet with potentially sketchy third parties can be a godsend. An online retailer can simplify the entire process.

However, popular automotive retailers such as Carvana and Vroom aren’t necessarily any more equipped to purchase your Ferrari than a Honda brick-and-mortar dealership would be. These types of dealerships typically prosper from sales of run-of-the-mill cars like Toyotas and Nissans. A Ferrari in the mix isn’t unheard of, it’s just not ideal.

Chances are, there aren’t too many people who say, “I’m going to buy my Ferrari online.” Most Ferrari people aren’t necessarily those who frequent online automotive retailers. Instead, they’re looking for an authoritative source to get top-quality goods like your supercar.

That’s where exotic/supercar car retailers come in. For example, We Buy Exotics states our mission clearly in our name. Looking to sell your Ferrari for a fair price without all the hassle? We’ve got you covered.

How to Sell Your Ferrari for More

No matter how you approach it, selling your Ferrari just isn’t an easy thing to do. You’ve got to deal with the public, greedy dealerships, and capricious third-party individuals who often require more attention than the supercar you’re selling. Doesn’t that all sound completely exhausting?

At We Buy Exotics, we understand that selling your Ferrari is symbolic of a step forward, to bigger and better things to keep your momentum going. The deadweight of your Ferrari shouldn’t hold you back. You’re not stuck between playing the used car game or pulling out altogether.

Avoid the drama and submit your Ferrari’s details to us once. You’ll receive a no-obligation offer within minutes to minimize the effort you spend selling your Ferrari. (Plus, we don’t ask if you’ve ever gone 200+ miles in the car or driven it around the track a few times.)

Still unsure about our process? Save yourself plenty of time and agony by working with We Buy Exotics first. Give it a whirl to see what we can offer you for your Ferrari without all the hassle.