Top 10 Futuristic Cars in 2022

Over the past decade, cars have changed drastically. With new advancements in safety, technology, and power, today’s exotic cars are far superior to those just ten years ago.

Many aspects of automotive Utopia seem within reach now. Also, build quality is better than ever before too!

We’ve even reached a point where the cars of the future can do most of the driving for us. Here are some of the most advanced vehicles in 2022.

1) Cadillac InnerSpace

At the beginning of 2021, Cadillac announced that it would no longer produce cars with combustion engines, only electric ones.

With the self-driving prototype, Cadillac demonstrates how they will go on to complete this metamorphosis with a stunning prototype that relies heavily on automated driving.

This technology, which was previously prominent and then went into hibernation after establishing a solid presence, has awakened with greater force than ever before.

The Cadillac InnerSpace is meant to take passengers from one luxurious place to another. That is, they are restricted to autonomous operation.

2) Ferrari Purosangue

Like many other brands of exotic cars, Ferrari eventually decided to invest in SUVs. However, they are one of the few companies that have not embraced the “Sport Utility Vehicle” acronym for their SUV models.

Instead, they prefer to call them “FUVs” (Ferrari Utility Vehicles). After much anticipation and rumors, their first SUV model is finally a reality.

The car’s design is sleek and modern, with hidden headlights.

It looks unique compared to its supposed rivals, with a lower and sharper silhouette. The vehicle has bulging wheel arches and exhausts that give it an impressive personality from behind.

The reverse opening doors are also an exciting element. The Purosangue’s interior has a symmetrical design, and a colossal screen, approximately 10.2 inches in size, is positioned directly on the passenger side beside the driver.

3) Audi Skysphere

The Skysphere is an electric and autonomous roadster that can modify its length, embodying the philosophy that Audi vehicles are a platform for new experiences. The Skysphere concept is a prototype for a new family of vehicles.

It’s the spearhead of a new line of prototypes with characteristics that future Audi models will have if equipped with a suite of innovative features.

These features will completely change the driving experience, entirely immersed in the era of electric, autonomous, and connected cars.

With the help of various features such as streaming audio/video, relaxation options, or other wellness practices, the vehicles will fill our senses, taking us into a realm of comfort we’ve never experienced.


4) BMW i8 M

The design of the BMW i8 M is the most innovative and unique you can find from German manufacturers.

The low front end combines perfectly with very pronounced lines, culminating in the rear with floating surfaces and muscular lines, all of which align with the approach of this model.

This sports car is made from lightweight aluminum and reinforced with carbon fiber, making it safe and light. The chassis and bodywork are coated in magnesium for performance purposes.

The interior offers a modern and stylish dashboard with 100% digital instrumentation like the exterior. They are additionally fitted with a complete multimedia system.

5) BMW iX Flow

Of all the luxury cars on this list, the BMW iX Flow has a new technology everyone is talking about.

When purchasing a vehicle, one of the concerns for many people is the color; after all, there are various options to choose from, but in the end, you choose one and stick with it.

The iX Flow name refers to a technology that allows changing the car’s exterior paint with the press of a button, making it the first 100% electric SUV of its kind from BMW.

The E Ink utilized in the BMW iX Flow’s color-changing technology is a significant step forward. The BMW iX is wrapped in a custom wrap containing millions of electronic ink microcapsules, each one the thickness of human hair.

When an electric field is applied, it causes the stains to accumulate on the surface of the microcapsule, changing its color from gray to white (or vice versa).

6) Mercedes-Benz EQXX

Mercedes has just unveiled their newest high-performance electric car, revolutionizing the company with a fantastic range of uses.

The EQ family of Mercedes electric vehicles is expanding with new models, such as the Mercedes Vision EQXX, a car that will be the brand’s future halo model and a demonstration of how far its technology can go.

Initially, the new model was announced with a simple silhouette. However, after Mercedes released their latest and ambitious strategy, you could see a little more of this promising model.

Its development is carried out by a multidisciplinary team that includes experts from the division responsible for Formula 1’s high-performance powertrain.

However, the most exciting aspect of this design is that it can travel more than 1,000 kilometers, or from NYC to Miami, powered with a single charge.


7) Mercedes-Benz Vision AVTR

The Vision AVTR is an electric vehicle made primarily of organic materials and aspires to be autonomous and interactive. At the “interactive” level, you can control it with your brain.

Its wheels are spherical, which enables it for more versatile movements. The Mercedes Vision AVTR does not have a steering wheel but a touch control panel that allows it to be driven from any of its seats.

You place the palm of your hand on it and move it in any direction, like a laptop’s touchpad. The driver’s biometric data, such as heart rate and breathing, are also recognized by this system.

Similarly, tactile surfaces in the seats monitor your pressure and breathing to determine your mood and stress level and alter the car’s climate and illumination accordingly.

Even though Vision AVTR has already transformed a concept into an actual vehicle, it is not meant to be on the market. Its primary purpose is to demonstrate what future technology will be capable of.

However, this concept vehicle does an excellent job of embodying the future of mobility where humans, nature, and technology are all working together in unison.

8) Pagani Utopia

Pagani brings us his third great work, a model that mixes past and future; at first glance, the Utopia presents an unmistakably Pagani silhouette.

It has a very characteristic front; a car with a body made entirely of carbon fiber, with large air intakes to cool its exotic mechanics and a series of aerodynamic elements directly integrated into the body to create a design that combines retro with the most modern.

All the curves and parts that shape its body create a beautiful whole and have been sculpted in the wind tunnel to offer the best aerodynamic performance.

Its new interior also conveys the new approach; there are a host of analog clocks to act as gauges; the rev counter and the speedometer on the sides remain 100% analog.

All this is accompanied by the most luxurious and exquisite materials that can be imagined combined with an incredibly minimalist and retro atmosphere.

9) Rolls-Royce Silent Shadow

The head of the British luxury firm has confirmed that they are already developing their first 100% electric model.

This will not be a mere battery variant of one of its models but a new product. However, the executive has not revealed the possible arrival date of this model and any data or characteristics.

According to Rolls-Royce, electric technologies fit perfectly with the spirit of the British company because, unlike other luxury brands, Rolls-Royce places particular emphasis on the silence and driving comfort of all its vehicles.


10) DeLorean Alpha 5

In 1981, a very peculiar sports car was born whose main characteristics were gull-wing type opening doors and brushed stainless steel bodywork. This caught the attention of the producers of the “Back to the Future” movie saga.

The wait has ended, and we now have the first official images of the new DeLorean. It’s officially known as the DeLorean Alpha5, a 100% electric sports car with a futuristic design.

In the profile view, where the elegant fall of its roof is most appreciated, almost fastback type, spectacular gull-wing doors that accompany a shelter in the black color contrast the rest of the bodywork.

Its rear is also stunning, with a window in the style of a classic mid-engine sports car with laminated glass and an extensive LED line that runs from one side to the other, containing much more futuristic typography.


Top 10 Futuristic Cars in 2022 – In Closing

So there you have it, the top 10 futuristic cars of 2022.

Some are concepts that are still in the design phase, while other luxury cars are already making their way into showrooms and onto roads around the world.

The cars of the future are shaping the way we experience travel and paving a new and exciting world for transportation.

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