10 Best Exotic Car Clubs

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Anyone can be a car enthusiast, but not just anyone can be a supercar owner. When you join the club of exotic vehicle ownership, your entire world opens up. Not only will you get the privilege of enjoying superior driving experiences, but you can also enjoy the perks of highly selective exotic car clubs.

Best Exotic Vehicle Club Memberships

Depending on your location and the type of hypercar you own, you could be eligible for the following elite vehicle club memberships. Even if you don’t yet own your dream car, membership in elite car clubs has helped many people locate and purchase their first luxury vehicle.

1. Fast Lane Drive

Fast Lane Drive is an exclusive club for exotic vehicle owners. What makes this organization stand out from similar exotic vehicle ownership clubs is that Fast Lane Drive doesn’t just focus on cars; it also focuses on networking and philanthropy. Organizations Fast Lane Drive chapters support include Voices for Children, San Diego Coastkeeper, and Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This organization has chapters in Monaco and throughout the United States, from Miami to Los Angeles.


2. Ferrari Club of America

Ferraris are high-end dream cars coveted by car enthusiasts the world over, and Ferrari Club of America is “the world’s largest and oldest factory authorized Ferrari Club,” making its club membership enviable in its own right, even by Ferrari owner standards. Club members receive outstanding perks, including an exclusive Classified forum that features elusive factory-authorized parts and memorabilia as well as discounted rates at certain authorized Ferrari dealers.

Membership pricing starts at $75 for Junior Memberships and can increase to $125 for Associate Memberships and $175 for Standard Memberships.


3. Lamborghini Club America

Lamborghinis are known all over the world for their exceptional designs and performance both on and off the race track. Lamborghini Club America is for the enthusiasts who know just how special these vehicles are. Perks of membership to this club include invitations to exclusive official events, special offers and potential discounts with select Lamborghini dealers, networking opportunities, and more.

Lamborghini Club America’s membership program has four tiers: Standard ($150 annual subscription), Standard Lifetime ($1500 one-time entry fee), VIP ($250 annual subscription), and VIP Lifetime ($3500 one-time entry fee).


4. NSX Club of America (NSXCA)

NSX Club of America, or NSXCA, is the official club for North American enthusiasts and owners of the Acura NSX. Perks include subscriptions to the quarterly magazine NSX Driver, exclusive windshield decals, and special discounts at select vendors. Members can renew membership manually each year or enroll in NSXCA’s auto renewal program. One-year memberships with and without the auto-renewal feature are $50 for US members and $60 for international members.


5. Porsche Club of America

Any adult who owns, co-owns, or leases a Porsche in North America is eligible for membership to Porsche Club of America. Club membership grants benefits like a subscription to the Porsche Panorama magazine; access to the PCA member-only marketplace, The Mart; invitations to official national and regional events; a semi-annual, members-only raffle; discount rates at select vendors; and much more.

Joining the club costs $46 for 1-year memberships, $90 for 2-year memberships, and $132 for 3-year memberships.


6. The Maserati Club

The Maserati Club is an official US and Canadian club recognized by Maserati. Fans of the Trident will be pleased to know that club membership nets benefits like access to a members-only forum populated by technical experts, full-access invitations to official club rallies and events, a subscription to the magazine Classiche Masters, and much more.


7. Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) – North America

Fans of the iconic British Aston Martin should consider membership to one of two official branches of AMOC North America: AMOC North America East and AMOC West. Unlike many other Aston Martin clubs, AMOC is officially endorsed by Aston Martin Lagonda, granting the lucky few with club memberships access to exclusive benefits like members-only driving tours, subscriptions to club-exclusive publications, and invitations to regional, national, and international events.

First-year membership dues are $239, with subsequent annual dues being $199. A senior discount is available for members 65+ years old with 30 consecutive years of club membership.


8. Club Sportiva

Unlike other car clubs that are dedicated to a single brand of sports car, Club Sportiva is for car enthusiasts who enjoy all brands, makes, and models of luxury vehicles. Located in Silicon Valley, California, Club Sportiva offers two membership tiers: Enthusiast and Equity. Enthusiast Membership offers exotic car rentals as well as storage, detailing, and concierge services; this membership tier includes both an entry fee and recurring monthly dues. Equity Membership allows people to invest in both the ownership company and clubhouse itself.


9. Finish Line Auto Club (FLAC)

Those who want to share their exotic car collections with others should consider membership at Finish Line Auto Club, or FLAC. FLAC offers top-of-the-line, specialty garage condos where exotic car owners can store their collections. These garages offer owners a place where they can ensure their collection is not only secure, but also on display for like-minded individuals.


10. Classic Car Club Manhattan

Classic Car Club Manhattan is an exclusive New York-based club that offers a wide variety of benefits to members who want to live “a life best lived… and lived loudly.” The club offers three membership tiers: Clubhouse, Driver, and Corporate. Clubhouse Membership offers complete access to a jam-packed calendar of events and access to all Pier76 facilities. Driver Membership offers all benefits offered in Clubhouse, as well as exotic car rentals. The highest tier, Corporate Membership, offers customizable perks and allows members to add new individuals—including colleagues and clients—to their plan.

Pricing starts at $200 a month.


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Disclaimers: Please note that exotic vehicle ownership is not necessarily required for all club memberships listed in this article. Numbers and details are accurate at the time of writing but may be subject to change.