Montana Car Registration Loophole: Pros and Cons

Have you ever noticed exotic cars with Montana license plates? Despite what the license plates may say, in many cases, these cars have never touched a Montana road nor are their owners Montana residents. Find out why people use what some call the “Montana car registration loophole.”

Why Do People Register Cars in Montana?

People register cars in Montana because there is no statewide sales tax. This is appealing if someone is buying an expensive car where the taxes are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars. Instead, these people only have to pay a Montana registration fee, which costs a couple hundred dollars.

Besides saving money in taxes, some people also choose to register their vehicles in Montana because it’s convenient. In this state, there are no vehicle inspections and emissions tests nor are there residency requirements to register a vehicle there.

Several specialized companies have popped up to facilitate the process of registering luxury cars in Montana. They handle the setup and management of Montana LLCs and streamline the whole tax-saving process for their clients.

Here’s How Registering a Car Under a Montana LLC Works

Someone wanting to avoid high sales taxes on an exotic vehicle can hire a Montana law firm to form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). This can occur even if the person forming the company is not a Montana resident or conducts business in the state. Once the LLC is formed, the person or entity that owns the LLC can outright purchase an exotic car. Then, they use the LLC to register and plate the vehicle in Montana, listing it as a business expense. The owner then has the option to bring the car to a different state.

Once a largely unknown practice, many other states are now taking notice of the Montana LLC registration loophole, especially those with higher personal property tax rates.

These states argue that this practice is tax evasion and that all people need to fulfill their home state’s tax law obligations, especially when their vehicles have never entered the State of Montana.

Some individuals who have taken advantage of this Montana loophole have faced both criminal and monetary punishments. Penalties include paying back taxes and heavy fines and, in severe cases, even jail time. For example, Massachusetts has sent police into RV parks to check for Montana plates. California has also implemented a program that allows individuals to anonymously report neighbors who haven’t registered their vehicles in California.

In response to these crackdowns, other individuals taking advantage of the Montana loophole have had to resort to more complex methods to avoid penalties. For example, they might send their exotic cars to Montana for a duration of time. Only after this period passes can they legally transfer the vehicle to another state without violating any tax laws.

Potential Pros

  1. Lower Fees: Montana doesn’t have a state sales tax, and it has relatively low vehicle registration fees compared to many other states. These laws and regulations can therefore result in significant savings when purchasing and registering an expensive supercar in the state.
  2. No Inspections Required: There are no inspections required to register a car in Montana, which means an exotic car owner doesn’t need to regularly bring the car there for vehicle inspections or emissions tests.
  3. Specialized Companies Can Make the Process Easier: Specialized companies in Montana can facilitate the process of registering an exotic car in Montana by handling the setup and management of Montana LLCs.
  4. Anonymity: Montana allows for greater privacy since LLC ownership information is not publicly disclosed. This fact can be attractive to individuals who prefer to keep their ownership of high-value assets confidential.
  5. Asset Protection: An LLC can offer some degree of asset protection. If a person is involved in an accident or faces legal issues related to the car, for example, their personal assets may be shielded from certain liabilities.
  6. Flexible Ownership: An LLC can have multiple members or owners, making it possible for family members or business partners to share ownership of the luxury vehicle more easily.

Potential Cons

  1. Legal Consequences: If a person registers a new car in a state where they don’t primarily reside, their home state could consider it illegal or fraudulent. The offending parties could face penalties or legal consequences if caught.
  2. Potentially Higher Insurance Premiums: Insurance providers may have specific requirements or restrictions for motor vehicles registered under an LLC, potentially resulting in higher insurance premiums.
  3. Insurance Claims May Be Denied Altogether: An insurance company generally writes policies in the state where the policy owner’s car is registered, not the state where the car is operated. So if a person gets into an accident in one state, the insurance company sees that the policy owner is operating a Montana car in a different state. Therefore, the insurance company may have grounds to potentially deny the claim.
  4. Eligibility Requirements: To form an LLC in Montana, a person typically needs a physical presence or address in the state. Meeting these requirements may involve additional costs, such as renting office space or using a registered agent.
  5. Changing Regulations: States may change their laws and regulations, including those related to LLCs and vehicle registrations. What is permissible today may not be in the future.
  6. Exposure, Scrutiny, and Audits: Using an out-of-state LLC for permanent registration may attract attention from tax authorities and lead to audits or investigations. Not to mention, having a Montana license plate draws attention, and not in the best way.

Many people choose to consult with legal and financial professionals who are well-versed in the laws of both Montana and their home state before considering this strategy. They can provide guidance tailored to the client’s specific situation to help them make an informed decision about registering a sports car under a Montana LLC.

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