Top Electric Exotic Cars of 2023

Twenty years ago, the idea of an all-electric exotic car was nothing but a dream.

Thanks to rapid developments in battery technology, and tightening emissions restrictions across the world, nearly every manufacturer, including some that are brand new, is producing world-class eclectic cars that combine eye-bending speed with bespoke luxury and beautiful quality. Plus, these vehicles are truly daily driver capable, with a real-world range of several hundred miles and speedy charging options that are available in every major metropolitan market.

An exotic car is traditionally a two-door coupe, that is more akin to a racecar than a family machine. While there are plenty of fully-electric supercars and exotics in development, there really isn’t anything widely available quite yet, so we wanted to bend the definition of what the top electric exotic cars of 2023 could be.

Every one of these machines offers a unique set of tricks, barn-storming performance, and luxurious interiors that are overflowing with the latest technology on the market.

Let’s get into it.

DeLorean Alpha 5

  • Base Price: $145,000 (est.)
  • Horsepower & Torque: 700+ horsepower
  • 0-60: 2.99 seconds
  • 0-100: 8.0 seconds
  • Top Speed: 150 mph
  • Range: 300 miles

If you grew up in the 80s, and you haven’t been living under a rock, you know the DeLorean DMC 12 from the Back To The Future franchise. Well, guess what? It’s back and it’s beautiful.

Since it’s slated for release in late 2024, the details of the Alpha 5 are slim at the moment. What we can tell you is that it offers some serious performance, a range of around 300 miles, and a beautiful design that blends the best of the classic DeLorean, with a distinctly modern attitude that is stunning in photos. DeLorean will make 9,531 units, which is exactly one more than the original DMC 12 from Back To The Future lore.

If this drives as well as it looks, you can bet that DeLorean is back in a big way.

Audi E-Tron GT

  • Base Price: $106,395
  • Horsepower & Torque: 637 horsepower & 612 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60: 3.6 seconds
  • 0-100: 8.5 seconds
  • Top Speed: 152 mph
  • Range: 238 miles

Audi has been at the forefront of electric vehicles for several years now, and the 2023 E-Tron GT shows off what makes Audi a top manufacturer in the world.

As you’d expect from the GT moniker, this is one fast EV. Thanks to Quattro all-wheel drive, the E-Tron GT rockets to 60 MPH in less than four seconds, while still offering a driving range of around 240 miles. Handling is taut and responsive, especially considering the fact that this is a sedan that carries four people and their stuff with ease. The interior offers a bevy of displays and boasts loads of recycled and eco-conscious materials. Audi also stuffed a high-speed, 270 KWh DC fast charger into the E-Tron GT, making it one of the fastest-charging vehicles on the market.

Bottom line, this is one luxurious and sporty EV that offers an experience that is distinctly Audi.

Tesla Model S Plaid

  • Base Price: $135,990
  • Horsepower & Torque: 1020 horsepower & 1050 ft-lb of torque
  • 0-60: 2 seconds
  • 0-100: 4.3 seconds
  • Top Speed: 162 mph
  • Range: 342 miles (EPA Estimates)

At this point, most of us have heard about the drama of Tesla and Elon Musk or seen these sleek sedans out on the road.

As ubiquitous as Tesla has become in the world of eclectic vehicles, the Model S Plaid still stands out in its lineup as the performance king. Thanks to its absolutely insane three-motor setup that cranks out over 1000 horsepower and 1000 lb-ft of torque, by the time this machine is hitting 100 mph, a Mustang GT hasn’t even hit 60 miles per hour. In fact, the Tesla Model S Plaid matches performance with the king of exotics, the Bugatti Chiron, in nearly every metric.

On top of the barn-storming performance, Tesla Model S Plaid offers a brilliantly advanced interior, complete with steering yoke (in place of a standard wheel), and a massive touchscreen interface that plays along with whatever antics you’re up to at the wheel. Despite the fact that the design is a decade old, it still looks fresh, and modern. There’s even room in the Tesla Model S Plaid for your family and their stuff.

How many exotic cars can say that?

Lucid Air Sapphire

  • Base Price: $249,000
  • Horsepower & Torque: 1200 horsepower & 1200+ ft-lb of torque
  • 0-60: 1.89 seconds
  • 0-100: 3.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 205 mph
  • Range: TBD (estimated at 400+ miles)

Lucid is an upstart company whose dreams of delivering a California-designed and inspired machine have finally become a reality.

Unlike the avant-garde design of the Model S, the Lucid Air looks like a beautifully hewn show car that belongs on the pages of a high-fashion magazine. From the stunning outside to the incredibly lush and gorgeous interior, the Lucid Air refines the electric vehicle experience beyond what Tesla did with the Model S. There are many models to choose from, but the one that truly qualifies as a top electric exotic car of 2023 is the upcoming Lucid Air Sapphire.

Lucid’s team had one goal with the Sapphire: beat the Tesla Model S Plaid, and wow, did they succeed. Thanks to a tri-motor setup, the Sapphire boasts 1200 horsepower and can scream to 60 MPH in under 2 seconds. In addition to the rapid acceleration, the Lucid Air Sapphire has also been honed on the racetracks of the world and engineered by the same team behind Lotus and Jaguar vehicles.

Bottom line: not only is the Lucid Air time-altering fast, but it’s also going to handle like a proper exotic supercar. All this in a sedan? Sign us up!

Porsche Taycan Turbo-S

  • Base Price: $204,000
  • Horsepower & Torque: 750 horsepower & 774 ft-lb of torque
  • 0-60: 2.4 seconds
  • 0-100: 6.0 seconds
  • Top Speed: 162 mph
  • Range: 192 miles

In the world of exotic cars and sports cars, Porsche reigns supreme and they’ve finally come to the table with a proper electric exotic sedan.

Everything about the Taycan is pure Porsche, which is to say, performance and luxury. As an established sports car manufacturer, Porsche may lack the whiz-bang technology of the 1200+ horsepower Lucid Air or the “Ludicrous” mode in the Tesla Model S Plaid. However, it does do one thing that neither of those vehicles can touch: drive like a Porsche. That means a fully realized driving experience that blends stunning straight-line speed with the handling you’d expect from a Porsche vehicle. Which is to say, sublime at nearly any speed.

The range is a bit shorter on the Taycan than some competitors, but it’s still more than enough for most people to do everything they need to do around town or on shorter road trips. As you expect with a Porsche, the interior is also impeccably constructed (not something that can always be said for Tesla) with heaps of technology and luxurious materials.

Sure, it’s a little slower than the Tesla Model S and the Lucid Sapphire, but it’s still one of the fastest vehicles on the road and it comes with assurances from a world-class manufacturer.

Rolls-Royce Spectre

  • Base Price: $400,000 (est.)
  • Horsepower & Torque: 577 horsepower & 664 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60: 4.4 seconds
  • 0-100: 10.00 seconds
  • Top Speed: 150 mph (est.)
  • Range: 260 miles

Is there anything more posh and proper than a Rolls Royce? How about an all-electric Rolls-Royce?

Although the Spectre is instantly recognizable as a Rolls-Royce, thanks to its insane styling and massive proportions (18 feet long and 7 feet wide), the Spectre marks a big departure from the traditional Rolls-Royce lineup. Thanks to a pair of electric motors (sourced from BMW) the Spectre offers plenty of power and range for the most discerning owners. In typical Rolls fashion, the interior is beyond lavish and every element of the Spectre will be custom-built for every owner. To say it’s stunning is an understatement.

Even though Rolls-Royce is big on tradition, they can’t deny the trend towards moving toward all-electric vehicles.

Jaguar I-Pace

  • Base Price: $72,575
  • Horsepower & Torque: 394 horsepower & 512 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60: 4.3 seconds
  • 0-100: 10.4 seconds
  • Top Speed: 128 mph
  • Range: 234 miles

Jaguar has always presented itself as an ostentatious and sporting alternative to German luxury brands, and the Jaguar I-Pace is no exception.

First off, this thing is beautiful in a way that very few SUVs are. This theme is carried inside, where there is plenty of room for passengers, and a beautifully designed interior aesthetic that blends technology with a keenly British sense of luxury that Jaguar is well known for. Thanks to dual motors, performance is punchy and there’s even room for everyone’s luggage in the boot. Meridian sound is optional, along with dozens of combinations of interior and exterior material and color combinations.

Jaguar’s I-PACE proves that SUVs don’t have to be boring, even if they can haul around the kids and all their stuff with ease.

Chevrolet Corvette E-Ray (Hybrid)

  • Base Price: $104,295
  • Horsepower & Torque: 665 horsepower & 595 lb-ft of torque
  • 0-60: 2.5 seconds
  • 0-100: 8.1 seconds
  • Top Speed: 180 mph

Even though the 2024 Corvette E-Ray isn’t full-electric, we think it belongs on this list because it’s Hybrid Electric and that’s a big deal in the world of Corvettes.

When the C8 bowed in 2020, the world was stunned by the introduction of a mid-engine machine from the folks at General Motors. Then, in 2022, the Z06 model dropped, which brought a screaming flat-plane crank to the party that made the Corvette more exotic than so-called exotics brands like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Now, Corvette has dropped yet another bombshell on the world in the form of the Corvette E-Ray, which blends an LT2 V8 with a hybrid-electric drive unit and all-wheel drive. Does that sound exotic? You bet, and it’s going to put every European exotic manufacturer on notice.

If you want a true all-American world-beater, then the 2024 Corvette E-Ray is your ride.

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