What is a Fair Labor Rate for Servicing an Exotic Car?

And How Much Does it Cost Altogether to Maintain and Repair an Exotic Car?


Servicing a luxury or exotic vehicle is not the same as taking a regular sedan to your neighborhood auto repair shop. The intricacies, specialized parts, and expert knowledge required to handle such an expensive piece of machinery all contribute to higher costs.

Let’s explore what you can expect to pay for servicing your exotic vehicle, with a focus on factors such as hourly labor rates, repair costs, and location.

What Hourly Rates Can You Expect to Pay for Labor?

The price of labor per hour varies from state to state—and even specific locations in each state can vary greatly. According to the most up-to-date information from AAA, the labor rates in their Approved Auto Repair network range from $47 to $215 per hour (**It should be noted that this information is for all types of cars and that inflation within the past year alone may have made these rates surge.)  

However, with our experience in buying Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Aston Martins, Mclarens, Lotuses, etc., we know that labor rates for these types of cars can vary a great deal!

It’s not uncommon to see labor rates ranging from $150 to $350 (and upwards sometimes) for luxury and exotic cars.

This is because the complexity of servicing luxury vehicles often requires the mechanics to have authoritative knowledge and specialized training in order to be able to expertly handle a luxury car brand. The intensive tools they have to operate can also lead to elevated labor costs.

For example, let’s say you own a Ferrari, which is known for having many common issues that need repairs. A Ferrari dealership will often hire and train technicians right at their location, which means they will know exactly how to fix your car in the most effective and fastest way possible. However, this expertise comes at a premium, potentially raising the cost of even the most routine of maintenance services like an oil change.

On the other hand, you can get it fixed at an independent mechanic for a cheaper upfront labor rate, but quality may vary, so it is very important you know what that shop can do and what reputation they have. For more information on this topic, visit our blog: Foreign Car Repair at a Dealership or Mechanic? Pros and Cons of Each.

What You Can Expect to Pay Altogether For Repair and Maintenance of Exotic Vehicles?

Owning a new car comes with its fair share of excitement and prestige, but it also carries high maintenance costs and repair charges beyond just the cost of labor. Here’s what you can expect to pay to maintain high-end cars:

Common Repair Costs/Annual Services


  • 458 $1300-$1500
  • 488 $1300-$1500
  • F8 $1300-$1500
  • California $1300-$1500
  • Portofino $1300-$1500
  • 599 $1500-$1700
  • F12 $1500-$1700
  • 812 $1500-$1700


  • Gallardo $1400-$1700
  • Huracan $1400-$1700
  • Murcielago $1500-$1800
  • Aventador $1500-$1800
  • Urus $1300-$1500


  • MP4-12c $1300-$1500
  • 650S $1300-$1500
  • 720S $1300-$1500
  • 570S & 570GT $1300-$1500


  • Continental GT $1300-$1500
  • Flying Spur $1300-$1500
  • Bentayga $1300-$1500
  • Mulsanne $1500-1700


  • Ghost $1300-$1500
  • Phantom $1500-$1800
  • Cullinan $1500-$1800

Aston Martin

  • DB9 $1250-$1500
  • Vantage $1250-$1500
  • DB11 $1250-$1500
  • Rapide $1250-$1500
  • DBX $1250-$1500
  • Vanquish $1400-1700


  1. 911 $1000-$1250
  2. Panamera $1000-$1250
  3. Cayenne $1000-$1250
  4. Cayman $1000-$1250
  5. Boxster $1000-$1250
  6. Tires $1500-$2500
  7. Leather Dash Repair $5000
  8. Sticky Buttons $3500
  9. Ceramic Coating $2500-$4000
  10. Full Stage Detail $1500-$2000
  11. Front & Rear Brake Pads $2500-$6500

Factors that Affect the Price of Labor, Repair, and Maintenance

1. Location Matters:

The geographical American location of the auto repair shop plays a significant role in determining the cost of servicing exotic cars. For instance, California and New York, known for their high living costs, typically have higher hourly rates compared to states with a lower cost of living. Los Angeles, being a hub for luxury and exotic cars, might have even higher rates due to the demand for specialized services.

2. The Flat Rate System:

Many auto repair shops use a flat-rate system where technicians are paid a predetermined amount for specific tasks like brake pad repair or spark plug replacement. This system can affect the overall cost of servicing, especially for sports cars with unique repair requirements. While flat rates can provide transparency in pricing, it’s crucial to ensure that the chosen shop has expertise in handling exotic vehicles to avoid any unexpected surprises.

3. OEM Parts and Specialized Repairs:

Exotic cars often require original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which can be more expensive than aftermarket alternatives. The use of OEM parts ensures the vehicle’s performance and longevity but adds to the overall repair costs. Specialized repairs, such as those needed for high-performance engines, intricate electrical systems, or unique braking systems in luxury cars like Mercedes or Lamborghinis, can further drive up the expenses.

4. Warranty Considerations:

For owners of new vehicles, warranty coverage can be a significant factor in determining where to get the car serviced. Dealerships often provide warranty coverage for a certain period, and getting repairs done elsewhere could void this coverage. It’s crucial for exotic vehicle owners to understand their warranty terms and choose a reputable service provider that complies with these terms.

Tips for Managing Exotic Car Servicing Costs:

While the allure of luxury and high-performance vehicles comes at a price, understanding the factors influencing the cost of servicing can empower exotic car owners to make informed decisions and enjoy their prized possessions without breaking the bank.

  1. Obtain written estimates before approving any repairs.
  2. Seek recommendations from fellow exotic car owners or online communities.
  3. Clarify the hourly rate and inquire about any additional diagnostic fees.
  4. Consider preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the long run.
  5. Check if the auto repair shop has experience with your specific make and model.

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