Best Time to Sell a Car: Offload Your Exotic Vehicle Now (and Make Money)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for all. For car lovers, it’s also the best time to sell an exotic car. Here is why you could save some serious money offloading your unique vehicle before the year ends.

When Is It Time to Sell Your Car? 5 Times It’s a Good Idea

When is it time to sell your exotic vehicle? We can’t tell you when the time is right for you, but many car owners like to offload their vehicles during the following circumstances.

1. When You Want to Buy a New Model

Sometimes you need to get rid of one car to make room for a new one, whether you want fuel-efficient newer models or you just want a really cool new car. Either way, selling your current car can help you get a down payment for your next car and save you money on insurance and taxes for multiple vehicles.

2. When Interest Rates Go Up

It’s no secret that the used car market in the United States is ridiculously expensive these days, even for old Toyota or Honda SUVs. While usually people see steep declines in their old car‘s market value, nowadays tax and insurance rates on used vehicles are quite high compared to rates of years past. Current car owners aren’t the only ones feeling the squeeze; even potential buyers have noticed a jump in used car prices since the COVID-19 pandemic began a few years ago.

When interest rates go up, it may be time to sell your vehicle, especially if you don’t see the higher rates aligning with your car’s value.

3. At 60,000 Miles

Mileage is another important factor to consider when weighing the costs of selling your exotic vehicle. Many manufacturer’s warranties expire at around the 60,000-mile mark, meaning that keeping onto the vehicle for longer could rack up some serious repair bills.

4. Before the Vehicle Turns 3

Cars depreciate every year, with the most severe depreciation occurring after the third year of a vehicle’s life. As such, selling before then could help you get the best value for your used vehicle

5. At the End of the Year

New year, new vehicle? For many people who like to upgrade cars regularly, the best time of year to offload a vehicle is at the very end. By selling a vehicle at the end of one calendar year, you can avoid paying taxes on it the next year, as the US taxes property you own on Jan. 1 of every year (yes, even if you sell on Jan. 2).

So, if you’re on the fence of selling your vehicle now or later, just know that offloading your vehicle now can save you money in taxes. And with how the used car market is right now, that could save you some serious coin.

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